5 Warning Signs Of Worn Brakes

When you're driving down the interstate, music blaring, wind in your hair, it's difficult to forget that you're driving a machine made out of twisted steel and potentially weighing over 1,000 lbs. That's pretty dangerous. There are a lot of things you need to look out for when providing maintenance to your car. One of the things you need to be on the look out for in order to prevent your car into turning into a flaming ball of that twisted steel are warning signs of worn brakes. This brief article will serve to inform you of 5 specific signs that your brakes are wearing out.

Strange Sounds

When you start hearing a squeaky sound coming from your brakes, trouble is near. No, that's nothing integral ripping apart (although it is a sign that things could soon come to that situation), but rather your brakes have a system in place that emit a high pitched squeal and squawk whenever they have worn down too much. This sound is quite loud and is designed to be heard even if you're driving on the freeway and your windows are rolled up.


Does your car ever feel like it has a mind of its own and is pulling you one direction more than in another, or that it might even be pulling when you're trying to go another direction? This might be a problem with your steering wheel's alignment, but it also might be indicative of an issue with your brakes. Most notably, it could be one of two problems. First, it could be an issue of a misaligned caliper. Secondly, it could be the much more serious case of a detached brake hose. Either way, the problem warrants an inspection of your brakes, as well as an inspection of the alignment of your tires.

Vibrating Vehicle

This is one of the sure fire signs that it's time for a brake inspection. Whenever you try to make a stop and the entirety of your car begins to shimmy and shake this usually means one main problem: the rotor on your brakes is misaligned or worn. If you've ever had to make an emergency stop in a car without antilock brakes, this is what that sort of vibration feels like; it almost feels like the entirety of the car's frame will fall off at any second, cartoon style. This is something that needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

General Strangeness

If you feel like the brake pedal is weird or acting weird, then chances are it is and your brakes are in need of replacement. For example, if you put your foot on the pedal and the brakes feel mushy or squishy, rather than the springy feedback you normally feel when putting your foot on and off the brake, then you might want to take a look at the brakes. Trust your gut if it is telling you your brakes feel off.

Worn pads

Worn brake pads are not the same thing as having your brakes wear out, although worn pads are a definite sign that there might be a problem with your brake system. Rather, your brake pads are what squeeze down on the brake caliper. The thicker they are, the better job that they do at making your brakes work efficiently. Thin and worn brake pads are as useless as a broken brake system.

Worn out brakes are nothing to take lightly. If you suspect that your braking system is wearing down, or even just the brake pads, take your vehicle in for an inspection. The other vehicle drivers on the road will surely thank you. Click for more information.