On Becoming A Used Car Salesperson: How It’s Being Done These Days

Long gone are the days when a kick of the tires and handshake sealed the deal on used cars. Consumers are incredibly savvy, with a wealth of information at their fingertips. You can make a real living or a little spending money selling used cars, but to succeed, you have to do it right. Here's important information on how you do it. Learn What Models Are Sought After The media obsesses over lists, making it easy for you to know what used cars are in highest demand. Read More 

Purchasing An All-Aluminum Vehicle? What Should You Know About Body Repairs?

If you've recently purchased a new all-aluminum vehicle, you may not put much thought into how your vehicle differs from others on the road (except perhaps when filling up your gas tank and enjoying the increased fuel efficiency). However, if you find yourself in need of body repairs after an accident or hail storm, you may find that the process is not as simple as repairing your previous steel-bodied vehicles -- it requires special equipment and, in most cases, special shops. Read More